Does Discord Remove EXIF Data

Zach Chahalis   .   Last Updated October 26, 2023

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EXIF contains essential information about a photograph, ranging from the make and model of the camera to the date, time, and location of the photo. 

Many people use Discord to share pictures. If you want to know if Discord keeps or removes this EXIF information and how it handles the EXIF data, keep reading on. 

What is EXIF Data?

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data is a standard for storing metadata in image files, including various information about the photo or image. This metadata can include the camera settings (e.g., shutter speed, aperture, ISO), date and time the photo was taken, GPS location data, camera model, and other technical information related to the image. 

EXIF data is typically embedded within the image file itself. 

The purpose of EXIF data is to provide a way to store important information about the image, making it useful for photographers, software, and applications that handle image files. 

It allows for easier organization, editing, and sharing of images while preserving essential details about how the image was captured.

Does Discord Remove EXIF Data on Photos and Videos?

Yes, Discord removes EXIF data from photos and videos upon uploading to the platform. Discord's policy is to strip this metadata to prioritize user privacy and security. 

By removing EXIF data, Discord helps to ensure that sensitive information, such as GPS coordinates and specific device details, is not accessible or disclosed when sharing media on the platform. 

This approach aligns with their commitment to safeguarding user data and reducing potential risks tied to exposing personal information through media files.

Is EXIF Data Removal Permanent on Discord, or Can It Be Reversed?

Once Discord removes the EXIF data from photos and videos upon upload, the removal is typically permanent. Once the metadata is stripped from the files, it cannot be reversed within the Discord platform.

If you need to retain the EXIF data for any reason, preserve the original file before uploading it to Discord. Always keep a backup of your original files, especially if you require the metadata for future use, analysis, or reference.

Best Practices to Manage EXIF Data Before Photos or Videos on Discord

To manage EXIF data effectively before sharing photos or videos on Discord, follow these best practices:

  • Use EXIF data removal tools: Employ specialized EXIF data removal tools or apps that allow you to strip metadata from photos and videos, ensuring sensitive information is not disclosed upon sharing.
  • Check privacy settings on your device: Configure your camera and smartphone settings to limit the amount of data stored in EXIF. Disable location services and other unnecessary data capturing options.
  • Inspect EXIF data before sharing: Use EXIF viewers or metadata analysis tools to review the data embedded in your files. Ensure no private information is inadvertently present.
  • Encrypt sensitive media: If sharing sensitive media, consider encrypting the files to protect their content and metadata from unauthorized access.
  • Anonymize location data: If location data is necessary for your media, consider using tools to blur or anonymize specific GPS coordinates or location details.

By incorporating these best practices into your routine, you'll be able to manage and control EXIF data effectively, enhancing your privacy and security when sharing photos and videos on Discord.

Written By
Zach Chahalis
Zach is a professional photographer for a modeling agency in Vancouver. He has been running digital camera repair and maintenance workshops for over 3 years.
Zach is a professional photographer for a modeling agency in Vancouver. He has been running digital camera repair and maintenance workshops for over 3 years.