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I love this app!

It's so easy to use and has been a huge help in keeping track of my camera's shutter activations. I've caught some potential issues before they became problems, and it's just a really useful tool for any photographer.


Wildlife Photographer


I can't recommend it enough!

I'm a professional photographer, and this app has become an essential part of my toolkit. It's saved me from manually keeping track of my shutter counts, and the interface is intuitive and easy to use.


Real Estate Photographer


Highly recommended!

I've been using this app for a while now, and it's been great. It's simple to use, has a clean interface, and has saved me a lot of time and hassle. I also appreciate the regular updates and improvements that the team makes.


Street Photographer

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Check EXIF data instantly- within seconds.
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Available EXIF data

Our EXIF photo metadata viewer works with any photo- whether it’s taken from a professional camera, your regular phone, or your computer.
Camera Info

Make and model
Focal length
ISO Speed
Shutter count

Image Properties

File name
File size
MIME type
Image size
Color space
GPS data
Direction and speed

Additional Info

Date and time
Processing software
...and many more

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Frequently Asked Questions

You might have lot of questions. We've covered most of them here.

What is EXIF Data?

EXIF (Exchangeable Image File Format) data is metadata embedded in photo files by the camera or editing software. It contains a variety of information, such as camera settings, copyright information, and possibly GPS data, which provides insights into how a particular photo was taken.

You can find a wealth of information in EXIF data, including technical specifications like camera info, lens settings, and exposure values, file and location details like GPS data, and copyright info such as creator and legal notices.

Do Phone Photos Contain EXIF Data?

Yes, photos taken with smartphones contain EXIF data. This data generally includes information about the camera settings, the smartphone model, and sometimes the location where the photo was taken (if GPS was enabled).

How Can I View the EXIF Data of a Photo?

Viewing EXIF data is quite straightforward with our tool. Simply click to upload a photo or paste an image URL into the designated area. The EXIF data, if available, will be displayed instantly for you to explore.

Are EXIF Data Accurate?

Generally, EXIF data are accurate as they are automatically generated by the camera or smartphone at the time the photo is taken. However, certain details such as GPS data might vary slightly based on the precision of the device's GPS system.

Can EXIF Data be Altered or Removed?

Yes, EXIF data can be altered or removed using specific software or editing tools. It's important to note that sharing images on some social media platforms can sometimes strip the EXIF data.